Virtual Agent Services

Virtual Agent Services

Virtual Agent Services

We’re thrilled to share a brand new set of tools, called Virtual Agent Services (VAS), that will allow you to continue providing outstanding service to clients while also keeping clients and yourself safe. It’s been in beta for a few weeks and is now available to all! Finally, Virtual agent services are available.

While some parts of our Virtual Agent Services suite may be familiar to you, others are brand new. We also recommend third-party resources we believe could be especially helpful for your company. Each community has its own unique offerings, so the Virtual Agent Services suite may differ slightly in each market. However, the principle remains the same: provide you with everything you need for 100% virtual operation during an extraordinary time.

EY’s Virtual Agent Services allow organizations to communicate with citizens, customers, and employees via multiple channels on a large scale. Virtual Agents reduce wait times, work 24/7 and eliminate waiting. Virtual Agents provide information from vast knowledge, perform transactions, and help users to be more efficient.

Organizations are under increasing pressure in today’s fast-changing environment to respond effectively to growing volumes of queries from key audiences such as patients, customers, and employees.

Chatbots and call centers that are limited in functionality do not address the issue of individual answering of questions at scale. When call volume increases, agents in call centers are under immense pressure. This was the case for numerous centers during COVID-19.

EY Virtual Agents are able to interact with customers through a variety of channels including SMS, web chat, and smart speakers.

EY helps clients define their virtual agent strategy. We also help them deliver an always improving customer experience. EY helps clients identify the use cases and groups they are interested in and creates their Virtual Agent persona and dialogue flows.

The technology allows customers to be served on an individual basis by connecting back-end systems like ERPs with Virtual Agents. This allows them to provide the best possible interaction and the latest information. Once the Virtual Agents have been deployed, we analyze user interaction to improve our language comprehension and communication flows.

EY Virtual Agents use artificial intelligence to go beyond chatbots. They utilize machine learning and understand the intent of users. The agents can engage in complicated dialogs, and they integrate with the backend system to perform the desired action.

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