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Stop Being a Victim of the Real Estate Agency Revolving Door – Get a Personal Brand Now!

In the 80’s, a revolving door could mean many things. For Superman, it was a place for transformation. He could go from Clark Kent to Superman with a few whirls of the revolving door.

Three Things You Should Never Say to Your Real Estate Agent

It’s easy to get comfortable in communicating with your real estate agent. Even if they feel like a friend, however, it’s important to avoid making some of these common mistakes.

Are You A CLEVER Real Estate Professional?

A real estate professional can either be his own best friend, or his worst enemy! This generally depends on his attitude, behavior, perspective, and decisions. There are many things involved with becoming and behaving as a quality agent, and obviously, successful transactions, referrals, and quality service, should be very high on that list!

What Differentiates How You Conduct Your Real Estate BUSINESS?

While most real estate professionals receive similar training, and must undergo the same education, in order to become licensed, and to renew their licenses, it is obvious that all real estate agents are not created equal! By this statement, I am not referring to their appearance, or how much they earn, but rather how they focus, what their personal definition of service, and client, means to them, and precisely, how they conduct themselves, on a day – to – day basis. What is unique about the particular agent, and is it an asset or liability?

Why The Top Real Estate Professionals Keep It REAL

There’s an adage in real estate, which says, listings control the market. What this means is, those real estate agents, who gain the most listings, are far more in – control, than those who do not! However, merely becoming a listing agent, does not assure success, which is only secured when listings become sales, and sales become closings!

5 Things Ethics Should Mean To A Real Estate Agent

The National Association of Realtors (NAR), as well as many state licensing boards, require agents to sign, observe and follow a Code of Ethics. While states such as New York, require each agent to complete a refresher course on ethics, on a regularly prescribed basis, until, and unless, these codes become habit, and agents automatically live, breathe and follow an ethical code, and behave accordingly, the purpose will not be achieved. Ethics must be far more than simply a code or set of words, but how we behave, every day, with every customer or client.

How My Career In Real Estate Helped Me Grow As A Person

As a kid, I would read books and write strange poems for hours on end. I didn’t have any siblings and my cousins and I would only see each other during the holidays so I learned to enjoy my own company. Although I didn’t have troubles making friends as I grew up, I was always known to be the reserved one in the group. Only my inner circle knew how I am like once I’ve loosened up, but for the rest of my acquaintances, they’re clueless.

Don’t You Deserve Your Real Estate Professional’s FINEST Efforts?

Whether you are a homeowner wanting to sell your home, or a home buyer, seeking to find the right house, your search and process, will be streamlined, more efficient, effective, and you will enjoy a better experience, when you find the real estate agent, who is right for you! Some people are attracted to an agent based solely on statistics, feeling that the individual with the most sales, is automatically the best for you! While that may be the facts, it may be due to other circumstances, as well, and, therefore, you owe it to yourself, to find the person…

Why Moms Make the Best Realtors

Moms are organized, hard-working individuals. The things that they do in their daily life to keep their household running smoothly, also make them a perfect real estate agent.

How to Find the Best Real Estate Agents

This article helps you to understand what skills you should look in an efficient real estate broker. You will be able to know what qualities make one efficient as a real estate broker.

How Real Estate Professionals Help You SELL Your Home

Most people realize, when they decide to sell their home, they can either attempt to do – it – themselves (known as a FSBO), or hire a real estate professional, to help get it done. When one decides to not take advantage of a real estate agent, and thus uses the For Sale By Owner approach, he must familiarize himself with the advertising necessities, be on – call to show the house, know what to say, understand the legal requirements, paperwork, etc. Surveys indicate that the single – biggest reason, these people say they use this approach, is to avoid…

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