Longmont CO Land for Sale

Longmont CO Land for Sale

Longmont CO Land for Sale

Longmont, Colorado is home to the City of Longmont. It’s located in Boulder County and Weld county. Longmont lies northeast of Boulder, the county seat. It is 33 miles (53km) northwest of Denver’s Colorado State Capitol. Longmont CO Land for Sale.

Longmont had a population of 98711 at the 2020 U.S. Census. Longmont is Colorado’s 14th largest city.

Longmont was named after Longs Peak which is a notable mountain that Stephen H. Long climbed and is visible from Longmont. “Mont” is derived from “Montagne”, a French term for mountain.

A group from Chicago, Illinois founded Longmont in 1871. Robert Collyer originally founded the Chicago-Colorado Colony as president. He sold members to the town and purchased the land needed for the new town hall. The first community to be planned in Boulder County was the layout of the streets within one square mile.

The work on Chimney rock Dam was stopped because it was too costly. Its foundations can still be seen in the St. Vrain River. United Airlines Flight 629 over Longmont exploded in 1955 killing 44 people and their crew.

In the 1960s the Federal Government built Denver Air Route Traffic Control Center, Longmont. IBM also built a campus for manufacturing and research in Longmont. High technology companies such as Seagate and Amgen have flooded the city.

Amgen’s Longmont campus was closed in 2015 due to declining agriculture. The GE Energy Company moved its control solutions business from Longmont in April 2009.

Main Street’s downtown, which was nearly defunct in the 1980s has experienced a revival during the 1990s and well into the 21st Century. The location for the first New Urbanist project, Prospect New Town by Andres Duany & Elizabeth PlaterZyberk, was at Longmont’s southern edge in the late 1990s.

Longmont hosted Colorado’s first library. It was founded by Elizabeth Rowell Thompson in 1871. However, it only lasted for a year before the collection of 300 books that it held was destroyed. Longmont was also the location of the first Carnegie library, which opened its single-story building in 1913.

The library was open from August 7th to 8th 1972, but it closed one week prior to the opening of the next-door new library.

The Longmont City Council approved funding and building its municipal gigabit-data fiber-optic network NextLight. This was to be installed in every home and business for a period of three years, beginning in late 2013 and ending in 2013.

Longmont also supports an active craft brewery industry, as well as many travel and recreational-related businesses. Two of America’s most prominent craft brewers are in Longmont, Oskar Blues, and Left Hand. There are many other local breweries.

The local Brew Hop Trolley provides transportation services for brewery patrons at a set price. Longmont is well-known for its maker community. Longmont has a Saturday Farmers Market.

Longmont has many restaurants and hotels that cater to tourists who visit the Rocky Mountain National Park each year. Mile Hi Skydiving is a Colorado-based recreational company that has made Longmont it’s home. It is the biggest skydiving facility in Colorado. Longmont also houses Saul the World’s Largest Sticker Ball from StickerGiant.

This custom label and sticker printing business are located on Longmont’s eastern side. Others support snow sports like skiing, cycling, rock climbing, and bicycling.

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