Land for Sale Berthoud Colorado

Land for Sale Berthoud Colorado

Land for Sale Berthoud Colorado

The median home for sale in Berthoud is listed at $625,000 according to Berthoud has 210 homes currently for sale. They spend on average 42 days on the marketplace. The most popular neighborhoods in Berthoud are East Central Loveland and McKee. Land for Sale Berthoud Colorado.

There are many condo/townhomes and single-family homes available in zip codes 80504, 80513, as well as three-bedroom homes that you might be interested in in nearby cities such Loveland or Thornton.

The area of Berthoud was first settled by white settlers in the early to mid-1860s. This happened following the Colorado Gold Rush. Although many settlers made homestead claims in the area, most of them gave up on the idea and moved to the mountains.

A miner turned rancher from Central City in Colorado, Lewis Cross staked his first claim to a homestead where the Colorado Central Railroad was planning to cross Little Thompson Creek. This strategic location was home to a depot and section house that were built in the Valley of the Snakes, 1877.

Berthoud was given the name Berthoud after Edward L. Berthoud who had been responsible for surveying the railway route through Little Thompson.

The settlement expanded over the years to include several homes, a blacksmith shop, and a mercantile business. A log cabin was also built that served as a school and church.

The Colorado Central Railroad realized that Berthoud was located on the bottom of the river, which caused steam-powered locomotives from the railroad to work excessively in ascending the steep valley grade.

They urged that the buildings be loaded onto skids during winter 1883-1884 and then pulled by draft animal teams to their current location at the top of the hill one mile (11.6 km) from the river.

The Berthoud region saw a flourishing agricultural sector. The Berthoud area saw farmers divert water from the Little Thompson and Big Thompson Rivers to create a system of ditches and reservoirs that allowed irrigation in the uplands.

Alfalfa and sugar beets were harvested and used for the fattening of cattle and sheep. As merchants opened shops to service farmers and ranchers in the surrounding countryside, the town expanded.

The Berthoud’s size was doubled by the Welch Addition in 1886. Its boundaries were extended to the south of present-day Mountain Avenue, for the first times. After the Davis & Hartford Mercantile shop burned, a hose company was formed in a hurry to save the town.

A town board was formed in 1888. Within a few months, a marshal was hired to maintain order and illuminate the streets. Berthoud had a district of businesses on Third Street, Massachusetts Avenue, and Mountain Avenues by the beginning of 1900.

Mountain Avenue was incorporated into a paved highway network in the 1920s that would eventually become U.S. Highway 287 linking the bigger towns in northern Colorado. Highway 287 was routed northwest from Berthoud in 2007. This bypassed downtown Berthoud.

In 1888, Berthoud became an incorporated municipality.

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