Downtown Real Estate Fort Collins

Downtown Real Estate Fort Collins

Downtown Real Estate Fort Collins

Old Town is the perfect spot to search for homes from 19th-century Fort Collins. Here’s why. Old Town, Fort Collins’ historical downtown dates back to 1864 when the military reserve was established in this area. Fort Collins’ birthplace, Old Town is home to at least 28 historic buildings as well as the original trolley car west of Mississippi. Where is downtown real estate Fort Collins?

You might feel like you have been there before when you walk around Old Town. The place is the inspiration for Disneyland’s Main Street USA. It was built by Harper Goff, a native of Fort Collins. This charming downtown retains its charm with charming boutiques, retail shops, cafés, antique shops, and candy stores.

Old Town is the perfect place for bikers and pedestrians. It is a great place to live, as you can find almost everything within walking distance or by bike. There are over 80 restaurants, many with patio seating. They offer a variety of food. Old Town has a lively nightlife scene, with many bars and Fort Collins’ most famous microbreweries.

It is also known as Colorado’s Napa Valley for beer, with around 70% of Colorado’s craft beer coming from it. The square hosts live music almost every day, with bands and other artists providing entertainment.

Let’s go! Head on over to Old Town Square. It is actually a triangular area, but it doesn’t matter. A good downtown tour begins with a great restaurant. Coopersmith’s, a favorite local spot for pub food, has two locations: the pub and the pool hall, where giant Jenga and other games can be found.

Their Coop Burger is topped with delicious artichoke dip. Coopersmith handcrafted beers and sodas can be accompaniments to this delicious burger. Did someone mention macaroons, or? Okay, I think I understood. You can find me in the square to show you my favorite bakery.

You’ll find something delicious. You can continue southwest to the square. You will see the splash pad to your right and Ben and Jerry’s on your left.

Every month, the Silver Grill Cafe bakes more than 10,000 cinnamon rolls. Fort Collins has been served by them since 1933, and they’re ready to serve you. You should make an effort to stop by the bakery for a cinnamon roll. Y

Here we are at The Exchange. It is a vibrant, family-friendly outdoor dining spot. You might stay for a while, with craft shops and various artisan foods and beverages, as well as outdoor games and live music and dancing. Vatos is a great place to stop for pork belly tacos with a side dish of guac.

Penrose has the best Brussel sprouts. Then, play a game of putt-putt. Churn Ice Cream or Fort Collins Donut Company are great options for dessert. You might also want to try Coppermuse Distillery’s locally made spirit after dinner.

A quick stroll around Nuance is a good option if chocolate is what you like. Nuance is among the very few true bean-to-bar chocolate producers in America. You can stay here for a while, then you will cross College Avenue to meet me at Beau Jo’s.

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