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How to Cultivate Relationships for Your Real Estate Business

Cultivating relationships in an agents real estate business makes it become sustainable. If you want to work smart rather than hard, then a strategy that will last a lifetime is the key to a successful business in sales. Build the relationships and do the work to keep them.

The SKILLS Needed By Quality Real Estate Professionals

There are so many necessities needed to be a truly effective, meaningful, quality real estate professional! While, it is obvious, one needs to acquire the necessary knowledge, including both requirements of getting licensed, as well as maintaining one’s education, taking Continuing Education, these are just the basics. This article, therefore, will briefly, try to examine, some of the essential SKILLS, real estate agents, need, using the mnemonic approach.

What It Should Mean To Be A REALTOR

When a Real Estate Licensed Salesperson, and his broker, belong to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), and his local and state societies, he is entitled to use the designation, Realtor. One of the essential aspects of this association, as well as a responsibility and necessity of belonging, is believing in, and consistently complying with, and being directed, by the Code of Ethics. However, since ethics, and ethical behavior, are often difficult to explain and pinpoint precisely, and different people might have slightly different definitions, this brief article will seek to address, using the mnemonic approach, what it should mean, for…

Real Estate Agents: How Will You Address Prospective Clients’ Concerns? 5 Steps

Knowledgable, prepared homeowners, when they decide to attempt to sell their home, interview several real estate professionals, and ask these agents many questions, in order to determine, which one to hire, who will best serve their needs! Experienced, prepared real estate agents, are prepared for these questions, queries and concerns, and, instead of fearing or dreading this development, professionally, calmly, and thoroughly address them. This article will briefly discuss a time – tested approach for doing this successfully, which has been used, in nearly every occupation.

Why So Few Real Estate Agents Listen To Their Clients: 5 Possibilities

Whether you are considering selling your home, or, potentially, buying the home of your needs and dreams, you should carefully consider, which real estate agent, is best for you, and your needs, goals and priorities, Before you hire someone to represent you, regarding, what, to many, is their single largest financial asset, you should thoroughly interview several recommended ones, and hire the one, who seems to best understand you, and what you seek and desire. Why then, does it sometimes appear, so few real estate professionals, take the time, and make the effort, to effectively listen to their clients, in…

Real Estate Basics: Quality Agents NEGOTIATE

Some homeowners, seeking to sell their homes, wonder whether they need the services of a professional, licensed real estate agent/ salesperson, or, if they would be better off doing it themselves (For Sale By Owner. also known as FSBO)! While statistics clearly indicate most sellers will benefit, in terms of selling price, ease (lack of hassle), convenience, etc, when they use an agent, some, mistakenly (in my opinion) believe, they will fare better, by avoiding the sales commission.

How to Interview a Real Estate Brokerage

Real Estate Agents are typically independent contractors and rarely an employee of a real estate company. This Interviewing Article is designed to help those independent contractors that need to know that the “Company They Keep” is important for their business. Learning what questions to ask along with what should be important to the real estate agent when they are considering a new company to call home is what this article is focused on.

Why Quality Real Estate Agents Need An EARFUL

What transforms a run – of – the – mill, real estate agent, into, a quality professional? Why do some seem to relate better, receive far more respect and adulation, and best serve the needs of their clients and customers, even though, they possess the same training, and, even experience? This article will briefly review and examine, using the mnemonic approach, why the willingness, and ability to objectively listen, and accept, an EARFUL, which make include, both things you hope to hear, as well as others, which may be less favorable.

Why Some Real Estate Agents Receive Higher Commissions: 5 Reasons

One of the elements of having a homeowner sign the listing agreement, is agreeing upon, a mutually agreeable, commission, to be paid. In most states, a real estate agent’s commission, is paid out of the proceeds of the sale, and are shared between listing agent, listing broker, selling agent, and selling broker. Some homeowners ask, what the commission is, and the best answer, must be, it is negotiable.

Real Estate Agents: Optimizing Open Houses – Pros And Cons

An essential staple of marketing homes, has remained, conducting Open Houses. However, homeowners must understand, while this action, remains an important component, in – and – of – itself, few homes actually sell, solely because of it! Perhaps, this is one of the most basic reasons, most homeowners benefit, from the services of a quality, real estate professional, rather than doing it themselves (known as a F.

Qualities of a Top Real Estate Broker

The real estate business sees different people playing different roles. These include mortgage brokers, bankers, home inspectors, contractors, appraisers, property managers, and several others. That’s not even counting the seller and potential buyers, for any property listed. The various contributions they make are too numerous to list, but are all very important. One thing that remains constant: it is the Real Estate Broker who ties it all together. That’s right, he or she calls all of these different people out where needed, to get the client’s needs met. They facilitate communication between all of the people involved, and keep track of the progress. So the question begs asking: what are the qualities of a top Real Estate Broker?

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